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Will IBM start promoting Cinderella seriously ?

While most of the press articles so far simply repeat the statements made in IBM's original press release, the following one stands out:

A New Appreciation for Database Performance


This is one of the reasons we suddenly see IBM promoting its Informix 
database. For the past 10 years, the Informix database has been the 
red-headed stepchild of DB2. But there are certain performance 
attributes of Informix that make it more suitable for processing 
significant amounts of data in real time.
Of course, there are any number of new massively parallel database 
options that can be used to drive performance, including the Netezza 
appliances that IBM most recently acquired. As Spang notes, IBM doesn’t 
like to differentiate between its children, but none of those approaches 
supports the level of distributed flexibility provided by Informix.

I couldn't agree more here. Informix provides by far the smartest and most flexible clustering and replication technology available in the database industry today. While Oracle and it's RAC technology as well as IBM's DB2 pureScale might be well suited to serve monolitic software packages like SAP, they have too many restrictions in terms of underlaying hardware (Infiniband switches, Hardware homogeneity, OS patches, Network capacity...) that disqualifies them in distributed, heterogeneous environments.

Informix offers much greater flexiblity here and even allows you to incorporate the cloud in order to add additional database cluster nodes or even build your entire database cluster in the cloud.

How could deploy DB2 pureScale in a public cloud ? You can't :-)

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