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And the winner is: IBM Informix Dynamic Server

And the winner is: IBM Informix Dynamic Server


Most IT vendors are downright afraid of VendorRate.
Rating transparency scares most businesses because they cannot control
the message. The voices of their customers are only important when 
muffled. As one customer satisfaction expert remarked, “Most vendors aren’t 
interested in customer satisfaction, they really want customer apathy. Their 
attitude is ‘Just buy our products and leave us alone.’” With attitudes
such as this, it’s no wonder companies struggle to identify reliable and 
trusted IT vendors.

Good to see that IBM - at least for Informix Dynamic Server :-) - didn't need to be afraid when their customers rated this premium data server.

BTW, SAP is on 3rd position of the lowest rated vendors. This is probably no suprise as they continue to force their IDS based customers to migrate to other less efficient and less reliable data servers. The result of these forced migrations is that SAP increases their maintencance fees with the argument that the customer's environment is getting more and more complex. Isn't that paradox ? It's time to wake up SAP ! Listen to your customers and listen to IBM who has already changed their database strategy about 2 years ago. Wouldn't is make sense to re-support IBM's flagship OLTP data server that provides by far the best high availability technology that will make even the most critical SAP systems run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ?


An enthusiastic and vocal customer base entered more than
140 ratings for Informix and entered some of the most complete
and informative comments for any vendor.

International Informix Users Group (, an independent
Informix community, played a key role by encouraging their
members to speak their mind using VendorRate Many user
groups are less complimentary of their vendors, so Informix ratings
are a testament to the high level of customer satisfaction
that Informix users receive.

With this loyal and enthusiastic customer base behind the product, it should be a no-brainer for IBM to sell IDS to new customers. Excellent references from existing customers using IDS for many years are clearly the best sales argument. Combining those references with a clever marketing strategy that includes serious advertising of the product would allow IBM to increase the IDS market share significantly.

So IBM why don't you just begin and make this world a Smarter Planet by advertising the world's smartest and greenest data server ?

2009 would be a perfect year to do that.

You can read the full VendorRate report here:

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