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The Idea

The idea behind "The Informix Zone" is to further promote Informix by keeping people informed about the progress that Informix makes and giving newcomers an understanding of the outstanding technology of IDS (Informix Dynamic Server).

I've been involved with Informix technology since 1989 until today and believe me I do not regret any single day of my "Informix Life" because I'm still convinced that Informix has the best technology in the database server market.

Most of us know that the combination Informix/Marketing has almost always been a fiasco in the past. The takeover of Informix by IBM in 2001 didn't change this weak point until 2007. In 2007 there has been more activity coming from IBM regarding Informix. However there is still enough room for more ! We should concentrate on the future and move Informix forward. IBM has recognized the potential of the IDS technology and hopefully we will see further improvements in terms of marketing from the vendor.

Please read the Informix@IBM article to be informed about the progress that Informix makes inside IBM.

You can be a part of the Informix Zone Community by becoming an active member. Join the Revolution !

I hope you enjoy this site which has been build with the wonderful Drupal open source content management system. Feel free to drop me an email if you have any suggestions or notes.

Thank you.

This website is owned by myself, not IBM. Any opinions published here are my personal view regarding Informix , which might not necessarily be the view of IBM.

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