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Upgrading to the latest Informix

Well done video about the latest technology and features of Informix:

Comparing MySQL to Informix Innovator-C-Edition

The first article of a new series has been published on IBM developerworks. The new article series is about migrating a database from MySQL to IBM Informix Innovator-C-Edition.

The first article describes some of the major differences between MySQL and Informix:

Webcast - Informix Post End of Service Support Options and Upgrade Best practices

  • Date: Thursday, August the 26th
  • Time: 1.5 hour, 10:30 AM Pacific, 0:30 PM Central, 1:30 PM Eastern, 6:30 PM London, 7:30 PM Berlin/Paris
  • Title: Informix Post End of Service Support Options and Upgrade Best practices
  • Speaker: Al Martin(Director; WW Data Management Support); Charles Gonsalves
    (Sr. Manager; WW Informix Support, IBM,), Ron Privett (Sr.Engineer,
    Americas Down Systems and Diagnostics Team.), Chris Fender (Program

Brand New IBM Redbook: Migrating from Microsoft SQL Server to IBM Informix

IBM has published a brand new Redbook about migrating from Microsoft SQL Server to IBM Informix.

From the table of contents:

  • Chapter 1. Introduction
  • Chapter 2. Architecture overview
  • Chapter 3. Migration methodology
  • Chapter 4. SQL considerations

Expertise needed: Migrating from MS SQL Server to IDS

If you have a good knowledge of MS SQL Server and you would like to share your knowledge with others in order to ease the migration process from MS SQL Server to IDS then please take a look at this IBM Residency offer:

New IBM Redbook about Migrating from Oracle to IDS LUW

Migrating from Oracle to IBM Informix Dynamic Server on LUW

IBM just published an interesting new Redbook about migrating from Oracle to Informix Dynamic Server.

Time to Migrate: IDS V7 to IDS V11

Time to Migrate: IDS V7 to IDS V11

There hasn't been a better time to upgrade old IDS V7 installations to IDS V11. IDS V11 comes with a whole bunch of new functionality, enhancements and "under the hood" improvements that will certainly boost your transaction throughput as well as increase the availability of your data.

The commitment of IBM to IDS is serious and rock solid, no doubt about that. The german "IBM Informix Infobahn" event, having been held this week in three different locations (Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg), demonstrated that IDS is an absolutely strategic data server for IBM. IBM invests a bulk of development resources to make IDS the absolutely first class data server for extreme OLTP and continuous availability. Customers blame Oracles Product- und Service-Quality

German COMPUTERWOCHE: Customers blame Oracles Service

...According to a survey of the DOAG, more than the half of Oracle's customers complain that product and service quality has been getting worser...

An interesting survey held by the german Oracle user group (DOAG) shows undoubtedly the painful experience that most Oracle administrators experience every single day:

Hard times for Oracle

Migration Toolkit 1.4.9

An interesting new article has been published on IBM developerWorks:

New capabilities for migrating to DB2 and IDS in IBM MTK 1.4.9

The article describes the enhanced capabilities of the Migration Toolkit for porting Oracle applications to DB2 and IDS. Several code samples demonstrate the translation of Oracle syntax to the IBM data servers.

This articles demonstrates once again the rapid progress of Informix@IBM. IBM's database strategy has definitely changed, there is no longer a preference for DB2. IDS and DB2 are emancipated know.

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