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For those who are interested in running IDS on the Mac, here are some helpful articles about installing and accessing IDS thru PHP on the Mac:

Web Application Frameworks and IDS

Open Source Web Application Frameworks like PHP Cake, Ruby on Rails, Python Django or Perl Catalyst are becoming more and more popular among web developers. Even in the enterprise world, that is dominated by Java, those frameworks are gaining ground as they combine the simpleness and power of a scripting language with a strong development framework.

Open Admin Tool is further improving

It is good to see how fast the Open Admin Tool is further improving:

Extending the Open Admin Tool (OAT)

Extending the Open Admin Tool (OAT)

If you like programming in PHP, you might be interested in developing new functionality for the OAT (Open Admin Tool). A new Plug-In Manager makes it now easier to develop and integrate your own OAT PHP modules. An interesting article from Erika Von Bargen, which describes this new functionality, has been recently published on IBM developerWorks:


Talking with Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby to IDS

Creating a Powerful Mixture

This article describes the database interfaces of popular script languages like Perl, PHP, Python or Ruby which provide direct access to data stored in Informix Dynamic Server.

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