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New Informix DBA Blog

I'm happy to announce a new Informix blog today:

The blog is written by Ben Thompson an UK based Informix DBA with many years of Informix experience.

For your convenience Ben's blog has been added to Informix Zone (right side) and will also be re-published on

I believe that Ben's postings will be an enrichment for the worldwide Informix community and wish him a successful start with his new blog.

New Informix Blogs

There are two interesting new Informix blogs:

The entries from both blogs will now be re-published on for your

Mark Scranton is back

Mark Scranton - an Informix veteran and evangelist - is back with a new website:

It is good to see Mark back on the Informix frontline. The Informix Zone wishes Mark a successful start !

IBM Blue Blog: Transaktionen und "Undo"-Funktion ?

(german content)

IBM Deutschland betreibt einen sogenannten IBM Blue Blog, der sich mit diversen Themen rund um die IBM Produktpalette befasst.

Martin Fürderer - IBM Informix Entwicklung München - bloggt dort auch zum Thema Informix.

Website Updates

Just want to inform you about two changes regarding Informix Zone and planetIDS:

New Informix Blog: Ruminations on Informix

A new Informix blog as seen the light of the day:

I think we can expect high quality technical content as the blog author is one of the IDS architects: Jonathan Leffler

Welcome Jonathan to the Informix Blogosphere !

I'll add the blog to Informix Zone as well as planetIDS as soon as I get the permission from Jonathan.

A new Informix blog has seen the light of day !


I'm happy to announce another new Informix Blog:

Pedro Rodrigues from Brazil started a new blog at the end of August 2009. The blog is called InformixBR and is focused on IBM's smartest data server: Informix Dynamic Server

Another bunch of new Informix blogs

A special thanks goes to Markus Holzbauer from IBM Munich who alerted me about two other new Informix related blogs:

They are now both listed on the right side of The Informix Zone as well as on the Informix URL Compilation page.

New Informix Blog: Informix DBA

A new blog is born !

Just discovered a new blog dedicated to Informix. The blog is called Informix DBA and it is owned by IIUG Board of Directors member Andrew Ford.

I've added the blog to the right side of The Informix Zone, so that all updates are immediately visible to the Informix community. Here is the direct URL of the blog:

Brazilian Informix Blog

I just discovered an interesting Informix focused blog and would like to share it with you. The blog has been created by a Brazilian guy called Cesar Inacio Martins. The blog content is written in Portuguese. At the upper right side of the blog you will see some country flags. Just click the one you prefer and the blog content will be shown in your desired language through Google Translate. This works surprisingly well most of the time :-)

From DB2 Sacred Cows and IDS Cinderella's

An interesting view of IBM's database business from a guy most of us know from comp.databases.informix:

At least I would say Mike isn't that wrong with his view of things.

New Blog: Informix Voices

You might have already seen Guy's Blog entry on this. But I think it is worth repeating this information here on The Informix Zone.

A new Informix Blog is born. The blog is called Informix Voices and is maintained by Cathy Elliot. It will provide interviews with IDS architects as well as additional information what is happening in the Informix world:

IBM Database Magazine - 2009, Vol. 14, Issue 1

IBM Database Magazine - Informix Content

A new issue of the IBM Database Magazine has been released:

The following articles contain Informix related content:

A new Planet is born

A new Planet is born

We are surrounded by so many "Database Planets" like:

IBM Database Magazine - Informix Content

IBM Database Magazine - Informix Content

New content arrived at the IBM Database Magazine website.

You might have already heard that The Informix Zone received the IBM Data Champion award. There is an article from Scott Bisang titled IBM Lauds its Data Champions that describes the award and mentions The Informix Zone. Unfortunately the award itself - which has already been shipped by IBM - hasn't been delivered by the carrier as of today. As soon as I receive it, I'll share a few photos here.


Two interesting Informix Blogs

Two interesting Informix Blogs

The following two blogs contain interesting and useful technical information regarding IDS:

I also added them to the community section of the Informix URL Compilation.
Have fun.

The Informix Blogsphere expands further

The Informix Blogsphere expands further

A new Informix blog is born:

Jacques Roy: Informix and Computing

Jacques Roy is an acknowledged Informix Expert for many many years. He wrote several books, articles and whitepapers about IDS. I had the pleasure to attend his presentation - Using the IBM Common API for IDS Web Applications - at IIUG 2008. He is a great presenter and I'm looking forward to his upcoming blog entries. Good to see that the Informix Blogosphere is further expanding.

New Ruby/Informix Website

New Ruby/Informix Website

If you are an Informix fan - you probably are as you are visiting The Informix Zone - and you are looking for a powerful, easy to learn and robust programming language, take a deeper look at Ruby. Combined with the Ruby on Rails framework, Ruby is an extremely efficient language for developing web based applications. Applications that probably need a high performance OLTP cluster database like IDS.

A new Informix blog is born

A new Informix blog is born

Today I'm happy to announce the birth of a new Informix blog:

The blog is maintained by Kibok Kim. Kibok is a member of the IBM Software Group Korea. The content is predominantly written in the korean language. Kibok started with a tutorial that describes the use of IDS together with Eclipse and Websphere.

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