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Webcast - What's new in Informix 11.7 release ?

  • Date: Thursday, November the 18th
  • Time: 1.5 hour, 8:30 AM Pacific, 10:30 AM Central, 11:30 AM Eastern, 17:30 Berlin/Paris
  • Title: Informix Flexible Grid
  • Speaker: Kevin Brown (IBM Informix Architect)

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Informix 11.70: Technical White Paper

Just found this interesting white paper that describes all the new functionalities of Informix 11.70:

New Features in Informix 11.70

I found it on the Quick Reference Tool for Informix Business Partners website that contains other interesting Informix information as well.

99.999% Verfügbarkeit = Informix

(german content)

Bezugnehmend auf die Vorab-Veröffentlichung zu den von IBM geplanten Workshops zu Informix 11.70 (Panther), erreichte uns jetzt die offizielle Einladung der IBM:

IBM Einladung zum Informix 11.70 Workshop

Der Workshop findet in den jeweiligen IBM-Foren zu den nachfolgenden Terminen statt:

  • 09. November 2010 in München

Will IBM start promoting Cinderella seriously ?

While most of the press articles so far simply repeat the statements made in IBM's original press release, the following one stands out:

A New Appreciation for Database Performance


This is one of the reasons we suddenly see IBM promoting its Informix 
database. For the past 10 years, the Informix database has been the 

Informix Panther Press

I've updated the webpage that contains press releases about Informix and added the newest Informix 11.70 (Panther) coverage:

Informix auf

(german content)

Die Veröffentlichung von Informix Panther ist jetzt auch auf dem Heise Newsticker zu lesen:

Informix 11.7 verbessert Replikations- und Warehouse-Funktionen

Panther besucht die IUG

(german content)

Informix 11.70 (Codename "Panther") wurde gestern von IBM offiziell freigegeben. Deshalb wurde die Agenda für den IUG Workshop kurzfristig geändert:

Article about Informix 11.70 (Panther)

Below you'll find a good overview article as well as several blog entries that describe the features of the new Informix 11.70 release in more detail:

Informix 11.70 (Panther) is out

At least the software announcement is available on the IBM pages:

IBM Informix 11.7 delivers grid and enhanced embed capabilities for industry-leading flexibility, reliability, speed, and efficiency

The Informix technical team has one again done a great job - Congratulations !

Informix 'Panther' Workshops in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz

(german content)

Folgende Ankündigung erreichte die Informix Zone vom IBM Technical Sales:

2010 entwickelt sich zu einem sehr aktiven und erfolgreichen Informix Jahr.
Nach der viel beachteten Einführung neuer Informix Editionen und einer 
innovativen Lizenzpolitik im Mai/Juli diesen Jahres, folgt nun als weiterer 
Höhepunkt im vierten Quartal 2010 die Markteinführung einer neuen,
stark verbesserten Informix Version.

Starten Sie mit 'Panther' in ein neues, sehr erfolgreiches IBM Informix

2010: The Year of the Panther and ...

The nomination period for the Panther Beta Program has been extended by IBM. Take the chance, fill out the registration form and play with the Panther:

Participating in an IBM beta program gives you many advantages:

  • You have the chance to explore the new Informix functionality in an early stage

Meet the Panther

The beta program for IDS 12 - Codename Panther - is starting soon. Take the opportunity to explore the new features of this new IDS release which will probably be released in the third quarter this year.

Participating in the beta program gives you direct contact to the IBM Informix lab. You can explore the new functionality in your environment and see how it could improve your current and future installations of IDS.

From the Beta Program invitation letter:

Informix Press Releases

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