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enterprise replication

Informix Flexible Grid

Good article on IBM developerWorks about the Informix Flexible Grid feature:

Hopefully new customers discover the unique Informix Flexible Grid technology and it's advantages over commodity databases especially in interaction with Cloud Computing.

Knowledge Collection: Informix Enterprise Replication

Here is a good starting place with many useful links as well as explanatory notes and graphics for everybody interested in learning more about one of the Informix "sweet spots":

IDS Version 11.50.xC5 is available

IBM has just released IDS Version 11.50.xC5. This version contains the following new features:

  • High Availability
    • Configuring RS Secondary Server Latency for Disaster Recovery
  • Administration
    • Forcing the Database Server to Shut Down
    • Enhanced Support for Multibyte Character Strings
    • New default for the INFORMIXTERM environment variable for terminal set up on UNIX
    • onconfig Portal: Configuration Parameters Listed by Functional Categories

Open Admin Tool 2.26 released

The version 2.26 of the Open Admin Tool has just been released.

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