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SugarCRM has been ported to Informix

Good news for all Open Source fans: SugarCRM is now able to utilize Informix as database backend:

Informix Port Delivers Unlimited Database Scalability for Popular SaaS Application

Informix Timeseries: Oninit and Traak Systems Partnership

There seems to be an interesting partnership evolving:

Oninit and Traak Systems partner to help transform real-time data into actionable insights

Congratulations to my friend John Baker from oninit in the UK that has established this partnership !

IBM Data Management Magazine 03/2011

A new issue of the IBM Data Management Magazine has been released.

On page 8 you'll find Stuart Litel's IIUG User's View column titled Happy 10th Anniversary to IBM and Informix.

On page 10 there is an interesting article about IBM's Netezza datawarehouse appliance. Netezza - which embedds a modified PostgreSQL RDBMS - requires no indexes, no tuning and only little maintenance and is able to speed up datawarehouse queries significantly.

Informix Timeseries helps to reduce energy consumption

A new customer success story has been published by IBM. This is a good example about the innovative usage of Informix Timeseries technology in a specific industry.

The story demonstrates the advantages of the Informix Timeseries solution compared to the traditional relational approach for storing time-stamped data.


Energcon’s offering—which integrates an easy-to-use web application with 
an energy logging system from Rational Network and IBM® Informix®
database software—helps Coldset Printing Partners track energy 

New Article covering Informix Timeseries Technology

The online magazine (Database Trends and Applications) has published a new article from Vaibhav Dantale (IBM Software Engineer).

The article talks about the advantages of the Informix Timeseries Technology for storing and analyzing huge amounts of time-stamped data:

IBM Data Management Magazine 02/2011

A new issue of the IBM Data Management Magazine has been released. This issue contains two articles covering Informix from Stuart Litel (IIUG President) and Lester Knutsen and Art Kagel (Advanced Data Tools):

Note: You need to subscribe in order to read the digital version of the IBM Data Management Magazine.

Informix Warehouse Accelerator auf Heise

(german content)

Beim IUG-Workshop in Stuttgart/Ehningen wurde der Informix Warehouse Accelerator (IWA) als Weltpremiere vorgestellt.

Nun hat es das neue Produkt auch auf den Heise Newsticker geschafft:

IBM erweitert die Data-Warehouse-Funktionen von Informix

IBM shuffles up SmartMeter market with Informix technology

Informix technology gets more and more relevant in the SmartMeter market. The Informix Timeseries Datablade seems to be the optimal solution for storing this kind of data.

Fuzzy Logix and IBM Unveil In-Database Analytics for IBM Informix

About 13-14 years after the first release of Informix Universal Server - a merge of Informix Online and the Illustra technoloy - it seems that the Informix Datablade technology gets more and more attention these days.

A couple of recent success stories in the SmartMeter market with the Informix Timeseries datablade and a new database "AddOn" from Fuzzy Logix document the increasing interest in Informix object relational technology to solve specific business problems:

Informix Flexible Grid

A new article has been published on DBTA (Database Trends and Applications). The article is written by Nicholas Geib and talks about the Flexible Grid available with Informix 11.70:

IBM Data Management Magazine 01/2011

A new issue of the IBM Data Management Magazine has been released today. This issue contains several articles covering Informix 11.70 from Stuart Litel (IIUG President), Merv Adrian (Gartner Analyst), Lester Knutsen and Art Kagel (Advanced Data Tools):

Bank of China in the UK Works With IBM to Become a Smarter, Greener Bank

New press release covering the IBM Smarter Planet story in conjunction with Informix:

Fresh Informix Success Stories

Several new Informix success stories have been published. Below you'll find an expert of those stories.

The interesting thing I noticed is that almost all of these customer references are based on the combination of Informix and Unix operating system, particulary Linux. I didn't detect a single one covering Windows or MAC.

What does this tell us ?

Review of the open IBM letter to the Informix community

Below you'll find a guest column from Mr. Wolfgang Kögler, founder and chairmain of ORDIX AG, that critically reviews the open IBM letter to the Informix community:

A german version could be found here: Bewertung des offenen IBM Briefs an die Informix Gemeinde.

Leichter Einstieg in die Datenbankwelt dank neuer Lizenzmodelle

(german content)

Es geht also doch !

Nachdem die IUG und ihre Mitglieder mehrfach die Marketing-Politik der IBM hinsichtlich Informix kritisiert haben, scheint sich jetzt doch langsam etwas zu bewegen.

Zumindest hat die IBM Deutschland nun ein Pressrelase rausgegeben, das das neue Lizenzmodell von Informix beschreibt:

Will IBM start promoting Cinderella seriously ?

While most of the press articles so far simply repeat the statements made in IBM's original press release, the following one stands out:

A New Appreciation for Database Performance


This is one of the reasons we suddenly see IBM promoting its Informix 
database. For the past 10 years, the Informix database has been the 

Informix Panther Press

I've updated the webpage that contains press releases about Informix and added the newest Informix 11.70 (Panther) coverage:

Informix auf

(german content)

Die Veröffentlichung von Informix Panther ist jetzt auch auf dem Heise Newsticker zu lesen:

Informix 11.7 verbessert Replikations- und Warehouse-Funktionen

Article about Informix 11.70 (Panther)

Below you'll find a good overview article as well as several blog entries that describe the features of the new Informix 11.70 release in more detail:

IBM Database Magazine - Issue 3, 2010

A new issue of the IBM Database Magazine has been released.

There are three Informix related articles included:

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