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The Value of Benchmarks

Here is a nice review about the value of benchmarks and the Informix TPC-C benchmark performed by my namesake Eric Verceletto:

David Norfolk, Bloor: Benchmarks

However I would still like to see a TPC benchmark performed by IBM with Informix. They do it for DB2, why not for Informix ?

Informix TimeSeries - The one and only database solution for extreme speed requirements

AMTSybex, a UK based energy service company, has published a Smart Meter benchmark based on IBM Informix Timeseries technology. The results are quiet impressive and demonstrate the predominance of the Informix technology regarding the handling of time stamped data:

Should IBM Benchmark Informix? YES it should !!

Just want to comment on the benchmark issue that has been discussed in the recent edition of the informative IIUG Insider newsletter:

Excerpt from IIUG newsletter:

1. DB2 is already being benchmarked, so adding Informix as a competing database would 
make one of these be second best, and that would be bad press for IBM.

2. Many of the companies that choose Informix over Oracle did so after performing their 
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