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Innovator-C Edition trimmed

You might have already heard the bad news about Informix Innovator-C Edition. IBM has trimmed it down. Instead of 4 cores you can only use a single core. But the really bad news is that HDR/ER are no longer supported in Innovator-C (:-

You'll find more information on this bad news here:

IIUG Conference 2012 Presentations

The Int. Informix User Group has provided the presentations from the IIUG 2012 conference on their website.

However you must be logged in to your IIUG member account in order to access the presentations. Membership in the IIUG is free, so just register and you could access this valuable Informix education material:

Your vote counts

If you are an IIUG member - that joined before February the 19th, 2012 - you can now vote for the IIUG board of directors:

IIUG Board of Directors - Voting

Please make your vote to ensure that we have a strong IIUG board of directors that represent the Informix users worldwide.

IIUG 2011 Conference: Presentation Download

The presentations from the IIUG Conference 2011 are now available for download on the IIUG website.

You have to log in to the members area in order to download them.

I love Informix

There is a new video on YouTube titled IBM Informix: To Know it is to Love it !:

IIUG Conference Registration is open

Conference Registration

Registration for the 2011 International Informix User Group Conference is

Encouraging New Letter from Robert D. Thomas to the Informix Community

Good news for the Informix Community:

Robert D. Thomas - Vice President IBM Information Management - wrote a new letter that describes in more detail how IBM is focusing on Informix and what we could expect next:

IIUG Informix User Conference 2011 - Let's meet us in Kansas

The IIUG send the "Call for Speakers" out to the Informix Community for the
2011 conference. Please support the IIUG. Take the opportunity and submit
your proposal for a presentation on an Informix related theme.

Details can be found here:

Call for Speakers - Submit a proposal to present at the 2011 International Informix Users Group (IIUG) Conference

The IIUG Conference Planning Committee is ready to accept presentation 
proposals for the 2011 IIUG Conference.

Do you have experience with Informix or Informix related products? Do 

IIUG Insider August 2010

I just received the latest edition of the IIUG Insider newsletter. It contains harsh criticism addressed at IBM:

IIUG 2010 Conference: Presentation Download

The presentations from the IIUG conference 2010 are now available for download on the IIUG website.

You have to log in to the members area in order to download them.

What is happening at IIUG 2010 ?

If you are interested what is happening at the IIUG conference which is currently taking place in Kansas City, please check the following URL's:

Just one excerpt:

"There was a lot of excitement around Rob's key note as he outlined our strategy and 

IIUG Insider February 2010 - The Revitilaziation of Informix

After the harsh but necessarily criticism regarding IBM's Informix strategy, it seems that things come in motion.

IIUG Insider January 2010

I just read the Editorial of the IIUG Insider January 2010. While Gary's words might sound harsh, he is exactly expressing the feeling and opinion of the worldwide Informix community.

We have all seen those statements and promises on Powerpoint slides as well as directly from IBM executives how seriously IBM takes Informix and how great IBM's strategy for Informix is. However the reality speaks a different language:

IIUG Conference 2010 - Call for Speakers

Please submit your presentation idea, if you are interested in speaking at the IIUG 2010 conference next year:

The deadline for submissions is the November 1, 2009.

IIUG Conference 2010

I'm happy to post the announcement of the IIUG Conference 2010 here on The Informix Zone:

Announcing the 2010 International Informix Users Group (IIUG) Conference

The International Informix Users Group (IIUG) will host the third annual Informix Conference April 25 – 28, 2010 at the Overland Park Marriott hotel in Overland Park, KS (Kansas City).

IIUG 2009 Conference: Presentation Download

The presentations from this years IIUG conference are now available at the IIUG website. You have to log in to the members area in order to download them.

If you want to see some photos from the conference, please check Spokey's excellent conference report.


Photos from IIUG Kansas

The unsurpassed Frenchmen Jean-Georges Perrin uploaded a whole bunch of conference pictures to Facebook.

Just wondering if they are gambling with IBM about the Informix Marketing budget :-)

Here are the direct links (you need to have a facebook account to watch the photos) :

IIUG Conference

I wish my Informix friends a great and successful conference ! Unfortunately I'll not be able to join the conference as some private things are currently prior-ranking.

Enjoy your stay at the conference, talk to other users about IDS technology and participate in the bunch of technical workshops offered.

Questions from the Informix Community to IBM's Sales and Marketing VP's

Just want to pick up a good idea from Gumby that appeared recently in the Informix Newsgroup.

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