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Vergessen Sie MySQL: Informix ist jetzt kostenlos !

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Heute ist ein bedeutender Tag für die weltweite Informix-Gemeinde: IBM hat soeben ein neues Preis- und Lizensierungs-Modell für die Informix-Datenbank bekanntgegeben !

Hier hat sich das Engagement der weltweiten Informix-Gemeinde und insbesondere der Deutschen IUG gelohnt. Immer wieder hat die Deutsche IUG ein attraktiveres Preis- und Lizensierungs-Modell für Informix bei den Verantwortlichen der IBM mit Nachdruck eingefordert. Nun trägt diese Arbeit Früchte.

Informix Downloads übersichtlich und einfach

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Auf den Webseiten der Cursor AG findet sich eine neu gestaltete Download-Möglichkeit für Informix Dynamic Server, das Client SDK sowie für die Informix Dokumentation:

IDS 11.50.xC6 has been released by IBM

A brand new IDS fixpack has been released by IBM. The fixpack is named 11.50.xC6 and contains several new functionalities. The IDS 11.5 Information Center has currently (2009-01-04) not been updated. So it doesn't contain information about the new functionality or updated Releasenotes.

Informix Sandbox

Looking for early access to Informix technology ?

I saw this in Jerry K. Informix newsletter and thought it would be worth sharing it with you:

IBM Informix Sandbox
To continue our tradition of delivering quality products, we greatly appreciate 
early and frequent customer feedback. Even if you have just 1 hour to view a 
demo or join a discussion, we would like your involvement. You will have the 
opportunity to provide feedback in the Early Validation Programs and various 
other ways! 

Free IDS Developer Version - A nightmare for other data servers ?

Free IDS Developer Version - A nightmare for other data servers ?

Update 2007-11-07 - Ready for Download

As Fernando Nunes announced in his blog, the new IDS Developer Edition is now available. You can download it from the following URL:

IDS Survey by oninit and openpsl

IDS at its best

The UK based companies oninit and openpsl recently published the results of an Informix Uptime Survey. There were about 241 companies attending the survey.

The Survey Objectives

Demonstrating that IDS is a strategic data server that provides:

Summary for Webcast "Cheetah Roadmap"

IBM's shift towards IDS

The Cheetah - Introduction and Roadmap webcast has been held by the Director of the Informix Lab Jerry Keesee. Jerry's presentation didn't dive deeply into the details of the Cheetah Release but it delivered an interesting overview about certain Cheetah features and the ongoing impressive progress of Informix@IBM.

The Presentation

Cheetah - Introduction and Roadmap

The Roadmap Picture

The Highlights

  • IBM deciced to rely on IDS as foundation of a new, exiting product called Websphere RFID Information Center. It is IBM's major initiative into the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) space and is planned to be released this month. The outstanding replication capabilities, industry leading extensibility features and the extremly low administration costs of IDS have been the crucial factors for this groundbreaking decision.

IDS 10 - Free Download from the IIUG

IBM/IIUG offer

You might already heard about it. The IIUG (International Informix User Group) does now offer the download of an IDS 10 version without time bomb. It is for non-commercial use only and has a hard limit of five concurrent user sessions.

Platform Support

The free version is based on the latest IDS release 10.00.[UF]C5 and it is available for the following platforms:

    • 64-Bit
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