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Database defense against the dark political arts

There is an interesting new article written by Marty Lurie and his son Aron Lurie available at the IBM Informix Developer Zone:

Database defense against the dark political arts

The article talks about establishing an early warning system for database performance, especially for IBM's strategic data servers (IDS and DB2). The authors combine several interesting technologies (PHP, JpGraph, JMeter and Esql/C) in the article.

Germany: Hands-on Workshop for IDS 11.1

(german content)

Update - 2007-02-23 - Cheetah-Workshop in HH

Termin und Ort für den 2. Cheetah-Workshop stehen und fest, siehe:

IDS Cheetah on Safari in Hamburg

Update - 2007-02-16 - Toller Workshop

Der weltweit erste Cheetah-Workshop war ein grosser Erfolg. Die Cheetah-Safari rollt auf vollen Touren. Lesen Sie einen detaillierten Bericht dazu hier:

First worldwide Cheetah Workshop - A tremendous success

Auf Grund des überwältigen Zuspruchs wird es in Q1/Q2 weitere Workshops zum Thema Cheetah geben. Die Informix Zone hält Sie hierüber auf dem laufenden.

Valuable Information from IBM Tech Support

IBM Informix Support Technotes

I just discovered some interesting URL compositions on the IBM Informix Tech Support website. Those compositions are in the form of a tech support article which is focussed on a certain area of IDS like Installation, Migration or Performance Tuning.

IBM Informix Tech Support is well known to be one of the best and most knowledgeable support organizations in the IT industry. If you ever have worked with the support organizations of other players in the database market, I'm sure, you already discovered the difference. A strong and efficient database support organization is an absolute must for companies whose businesses depend on the continuous availability of their data servers.

Talking with Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby to IDS

Creating a Powerful Mixture

This article describes the database interfaces of popular script languages like Perl, PHP, Python or Ruby which provide direct access to data stored in Informix Dynamic Server.


Raw Devices on Suse Linux

Building an unbeatable Performance Appliance

I'm proud to announce an excellent article written by my old friend and Informix fellow Christian Winterhager exclusively for The Informix Zone. Christian has a quiet long history working with Informix, actually he taught me Informix. He programs, teaches and is doing consultancy for Informix products since the middle of the 80's. That's about 20 years now, Informix must be a cult database, no doubt about that.

In his article Christian describes the creation and management of raw devices on Suse Linux.


IDS 10 - Free Download from the IIUG

IBM/IIUG offer

You might already heard about it. The IIUG (International Informix User Group) does now offer the download of an IDS 10 version without time bomb. It is for non-commercial use only and has a hard limit of five concurrent user sessions.

Platform Support

The free version is based on the latest IDS release 10.00.[UF]C5 and it is available for the following platforms:

    • 64-Bit
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