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IIUG 2011 Conference: Presentation Download

The presentations from the IIUG Conference 2011 are now available for download on the IIUG website.

You have to log in to the members area in order to download them.

IBM IOD Conference - Informix Interviews

Listen to Robert D. Thomas and Jerry Keesee talking about Informix at the IBM IOD conference 2010:

IOD 2010 Day 4

IIUG Conference Registration is open

Conference Registration

Registration for the 2011 International Informix User Group Conference is

Virtuelle IBM Konferenz: Data in Action

(german content)

Die virtuelle IBM-Konferenz bietet einen Überblick zum IBM Data Management Portfolio. Dabei liegt ein besonderer Fokus auf den beiden IBM Datenbanken DB2 und Informix. Unter anderem berichtet die Firma Network IP - ein führender Anbieter from Telekommunikations-Diensten in den USA - über ihre durchweg positiven Erfahrungen mit der IBM Informix Datenbank, die das Herzstück ihrer IT bildet.

INFORMIX: Fast forward your data

Today I'm happy to publish an invitation from my friends of the Informix Adria User Group. Please click on the graphic to see a larger image:

design by maja kožul stojanovski

IIUG 2010 Conference: Presentation Download

The presentations from the IIUG conference 2010 are now available for download on the IIUG website.

You have to log in to the members area in order to download them.

What is happening at IIUG 2010 ?

If you are interested what is happening at the IIUG conference which is currently taking place in Kansas City, please check the following URL's:

Just one excerpt:

"There was a lot of excitement around Rob's key note as he outlined our strategy and 

IIUG Conference 2010 - Registration is now open

From the IIUG Conference Planning Committee:

Join us on April 25th - 28th, 2010, for the largest gathering of Informix 
users, developers and all around enthusiasts. This is the best opportunity 
on earth for Informix training, presentations and insights with access to 
consultants, experts and IBM Informix management and executives. It is 
organized by Informix users for Informix users so the costs are low and 
the benefits are great.

IBM Data in Action Virtual Conference for EMEA/India

There will be a an incarnation of the IBM Virtual Data Conference. This time it is more targeted towards audiences in EMEA and India:

  • Title: IBM Data in Action - Virtual Conference
  • Date: Thursday, October 22th at 9am-1pm BST / 10am-2pm CEST / 12-4pm MSD / 1:30-5:30pm IST
  • Registration URL: Register here

IIUG Conference 2010 - Call for Speakers

Please submit your presentation idea, if you are interested in speaking at the IIUG 2010 conference next year:

The deadline for submissions is the November 1, 2009.

IIUG Conference 2010

I'm happy to post the announcement of the IIUG Conference 2010 here on The Informix Zone:

Announcing the 2010 International Informix Users Group (IIUG) Conference

The International Informix Users Group (IIUG) will host the third annual Informix Conference April 25 – 28, 2010 at the Overland Park Marriott hotel in Overland Park, KS (Kansas City).

IBM Virtual Conference: Data in Action

IBM presents the second semi-annual Data in Action Virtual Conference. This is an online event directed to IT Executives and Managers.

I've been told by IBM that Informix will be part of this event. Otherwise I would probably not advertise it on The Informix Zone :-) So this is hopefully a good chance to get the latest news and hear what analysts have to say about Informix. However I wouldn't expect too much from this as "analysts" tend to say what the sponsors in the background want them to say :-) Anyway let's give it a try. Here are the details for the event:

Präsentationen der IOD Konferenz Berlin

(german content)

Die Präsentation von der diesjährigen europäischen IBM Information On Demand Konferenz können nun über folgende URL heruntergeladen werden (Voraussetzung ist eine gültige IBM UserId, die jedoch kostenlos ist):

IIUG 2009 Conference: Presentation Download

The presentations from this years IIUG conference are now available at the IIUG website. You have to log in to the members area in order to download them.

If you want to see some photos from the conference, please check Spokey's excellent conference report.

Photos from IIUG Kansas

The unsurpassed Frenchmen Jean-Georges Perrin uploaded a whole bunch of conference pictures to Facebook.

Just wondering if they are gambling with IBM about the Informix Marketing budget :-)

Here are the direct links (you need to have a facebook account to watch the photos) :

IDS: New Technology and New Articles

The IIUG conference is running at full speed and IBM delivers interesting features with the brand new IDS release 11.50.xC4. Here are the links to the relevant information:

IIUG Conference

I wish my Informix friends a great and successful conference ! Unfortunately I'll not be able to join the conference as some private things are currently prior-ranking.

Enjoy your stay at the conference, talk to other users about IDS technology and participate in the bunch of technical workshops offered.

A message from Art

A message from my friend Art Kagel regarding the IIUG 2009 Conference:

I'm sending this to all of my contacts, both in my capacity as a member of the International 
Informix Users' Group and as CTO of Oninit, to remind you all that the 2009 IIUG Users' 
Conference is coming up fast.  In a difficult economy we as business people cannot afford to 
lose our edge and one great way to keep honed is constant training.  The half and full day 

Report from Int. Informix User Conference 2008

Report from Int. Informix User Conference 2008

A little delayed but hopefully still interesting: Here is my report about the IIUG conference 2008 that took place in Kansas City, Kansas, USA at the end of April.

The days before the conference

My girlfriend and I stayed for one week in Chicago - The Windy City - before driving to Kansas City. Chicago is a great city with a lot of interesting places and we really enjoyed our stay. The Lake Michigan coast is beautiful and I liked the many bicycle tracks around it (see photo below). There a lot of bikers in the Chicago area, so the sports outfitters offer - beside the traditional focus on basketball, baseball... - also hiqh-quality bike wear. As a passionate mountainbiker and with the for European's convenient currency rate, I really enjoyed shopping :-) We also went to the local Apple store several times and I was amazed about the buzz around the Apple products. The IDS MAC port could be a real clever move by IBM, if they are able to attract the application developers. In the meantime we're now also proud owners of a MacBook :-)

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