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SugarCRM has been ported to Informix

Good news for all Open Source fans: SugarCRM is now able to utilize Informix as database backend:

Informix Port Delivers Unlimited Database Scalability for Popular SaaS Application

Good to see that an Open Source application has been ported to Informix. However it seems to to me that this is not an effort from IBM. Congratulations to my friend John Baker from Oninit who seems to be the driving force behind this. I really wish IBM would only have a single person like John in it's marketing department that would be really willing to push things forward.

Two years from the 3 year Informix revitalization plan are now over and honestly the results are friendly spoken "modestly" from my point of view (:- Looking back what Rob Thomas from IBM has promised about two years ago regarding the revitalization of Informix and what has really been achieved until now, I could only hope that IBM holds some trumps in their hands for 2012. Otherwise Rob Thomas will definitely miss the target and once again we would only have heard lip services from IBM.

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