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Strategies for Smarter Retail

There is an interesting upcoming web seminar from IBM and Boston Retail Partners that
will focus on best-in-class technology to drive competetive advantage.

AFAIK Informix Warehhouse Accelerator will be one of the technologies discussed in
the webcast.

Registration: From Inventory Forecasting to 24x7 Operations: Strategies for Smarter Retail

Most retail organizations will agree that times are tough. From unpredictable consumer 
spending and increased competition to rising merchandise costs and employee attrition, 
retail organizations face considerable challenges to achieving growth across traditional
and new channels while trying to deliver great customer experiences.

Join Boston Retail Partners (BRP) and IBM in this upcoming webinar to learn about the 
latest industry research and find out how best-in-class technology can help drive 
competitive advantage as the backbone to a true “always on” retail environment.

For example, retailers are finding a variety of tactics successful/very successful in 
overcoming difficult conditions, such as enhancing assortments (68%) and reducing 
inventory (56%), according to a recent BRP study.

Webinar attendees also will gain insights into additional BRP findings defining store-level 
priorities related to customer service, POS and inventory optimization. And they will find 
out how retail organizations can utilize their data to boost profits and enable more 
efficient practices including:

• Exploiting end cap marketing opportunities
• Forecasting shelf interactions related to sales, promotions and inventories
• Delivering critical business metrics to field offices for fast decisions 

From Inventory Forecasting to 24x7 Operations: Strategies for Smarter Retail

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