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My Notify Settings

As a registered user you can take advantage of the automatic email functionality which can be enabled thru the my notifiy settings tab contained in your account settings (my account). If enabled, you will receive an automatic email every week containing a summary of new content available on The Informix Zone.

RSS Newsfeed

The Informix Zone also offers a RSS newsfeed which you can use as registered or unregistered user to stay informed about new content added to the site.

If you already use the excellent Firefox browser, embedding the RSS newsfeed is fairly simple:

  1. Select Bookmarks from the main menu and then select Manage Bookmarks
  2. Select File and the New Live Bookmark
  3. Choose a name for the RSS newsfeed, for example Informix Zone News
  4. Paste the following URL under Feed Location

Afterwards new items from The Informix Zone should be automatically displayed in your Live Bookmark and there is no need to explicitely visit the site to check for news.

With the Firefox 2.0 release it is even more easier. Just click the orange RSS symbol shown in the address line of the browser or under the Syndicate menu on the upper left side of The Informix Zone.
This will open the RSS newsfeed and you can directly subscribe to it.

The Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 is delivered with the Live Bookmark feature included.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 does currently not offer a Live Bookmark feature. However there are several free plugins available which implement this functionality for IE. One of the free plugins is Pluck:

Get the Pluck plugin for IE

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