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Informix Support Information on RSS

I wasn't, until very recently, aware of this extremely useful set of RSS feeds. I hope that somebody finds them useful!

(Eric, you might also want to put it up on this site somewhere?)

New features in IDS 11.50.xC6

Cosmo has sent me a fantastic write up, outlining all the new features in IDS 11.50.xC6. I thought I'd share some of it with you:

Using an RSS Server to Take a Backup

It is now possible to make an archive of an instance from an RSS server. This will help reduce the I/O load on the primary server. The backup is no different to one made on the primary and can be restored to any node within the cluster.

Informix Community Event

Thursday saw the annual UK Informix community event at the Henley Golf Club, sponsored and extremely well organised by Bell Micro. Unfortunately, a nasty accident on the M5 delayed the arrival of many of the participants, but we soon sat down to a number of excellent presentations, compered by David Linthwaite.

15 years of technological leadership

This very low-key news item announced a revolution in database technology, way back in March 1994:

Informix Software Inc is now shipping OnLine Dynamic Server 7.0, the second phase of its parallel dynamic scalable architecture software. It now includes the parallel data query system developed with Sequent Computer Systems Inc and will be out only on Sequent boxes for the first six months. A minimum five-user licence is from $7,500.

Knock, knock, knock

I always know when there's a parcel for me: the postman rings the doorbell three times and then bangs on the door like I'm deaf. ;-)

And today, there was a parcel for me. My T-shirt for winning my segment of the Fastest Informix DBA contest arrived!

Thanks, Lester! I'll be wearing that out in no time at all!

IIUG Conference 2009

Since other people have been much better than I at blogging and liveblogging the event, I thought I'd calm down for a couple of days and collect my thoughts before blogging this.

So, the key things were:

1. The organisation was incredible. Everything just worked and the whole board, but especially Cindy Lichtenauer deserve praise for the flawless deployment of everything.

2. The presentations were excellent. I learned something worthwhile out of every single presentation I delivered (even my own, because it turned out that Madison Pruet and Cary Wahlmeier came to watch and were able to answer all the difficult questions! :-) There was a really wide range of topics and they were all really useful.

Tweet Happy

I'm not sure that I will have anything more useful to say, but I have signed up for Twitter, too.

IDS Bootcamp: 28-30 April -- with registration information!

The dates for this enablement have finally been confirmed!

All Informix partners are advised that there will be an Informix bootcamp in Hursley from 28 to 30 April 2009. The itinerary is:

IDS 3-day Agenda
§ Day 1: (8 Hours)
§ 1.0 Welcome
§ 1.1 Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) Technical Survival Guide
§ 1.2 IDS Fundamentals
§ 1.3 IDS 11.50 Feature Spotlight
§ 1.4 IDS Database Administration
§ Lunch
§ 1.5 IDS Database Administration (Hands On)
§ 1.6 OpenAdmin Tool
§ 1.7 OpenAdmin Tool (Hands On)

§ Day 2: (8 Hours)

Change Data Capture

A new article has been published on the rather spiffy InfoSphere Change Data Capture technology:


In a previous post I said that 4GL would be a fantastic language to develop web services in. Lo and behold: Guy has details of the beta program for a new release of 4GL which generates web services!

Bringing 4GL into a new era ...

... if you will excuse the pun! ;-)

A new article has appeared on IBM's website about deploying 4GL applications as web services:

Personally, I think 4GL will be perfectly suited to development in the web services era and hopefully consumption of web services is just the first step ... publishing 4GL applications as webservices sounds like a fantastic way forward!

Amazon Web Services: cloud computing with Informix!

Today IBM announced a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver pay-as-you-go instances of IDS 11.50 Developer Edition and other IBM Software Group products running in the AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). The IDS 11.50.UC3 Developer Edition instances, running on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP2, are available now to purchase and use at the Amazon base rate of 10c/hour.

Guy Bowerman has the details!


If you were thinking about attending IOD EMEA, there is some information here, including an invitation to be on the Customer Advisory Council. If weren't think about attending IOD EMEA, why weren't you? :-)

Pan-European Informix Day, 16 January 2009

Jean-Georges Perrin organised a pan-European Informix day on 16 January 2009 in Strasbourg, a beautiful city that is truly the crossroads of Europe. Speakers from France, Germany, Italy, the UK and the USA addressed a crowd of over 50 students, partners, users and IBMers.

I had to crunch my way across the slippery, icy streets in the early morning, but was surprised by the bustle, even though it was still dark when I set off! Things got off to an early start (08:30AM!! These French students are diligent sorts, evidently!) at the Maths faculty of the University of Strasbourg. After a brief introduction by JGP, we divvied out into three different streams: beginners, application development and advanced.

Linux/Desktop + SDS/MACH11 + iSCSI

This was posted on comp.databases.informix and I thought it would be useful to present it on a blog. I hope the author doesn't mind!

Linux/Desktop + SDS/MACH11 + iSCSI


This is a little cookbook/step-by-step which I tested successfully and want to share with everybody.

It is more focused on how configure the linux ... the IDS part is too easy to do a cookbook :)
But if you need information on how to configure informix SDS, look for the Redbook "Informix Dynamic Server 11:Extending Availability and Replication" on IBM's support site.

UKIUG Presentations and Photos

Bell Micro have made the presentations from the UKIUG available: OAT, Directory Security, Securing your database and MACH11 Continuous Availability.

An Open Letter to Craig S. Mullins

In a blog post, you made the following assertion:

Informix, which was purchased by IBM, is still being maintained and marketed, but DB2 is obviously IBM's primary DBMS so I personally would not choose it for new work.

Craig, I have to disagree with your choice and correct you about "IBM's obvious primary DBMS". IBM has a different database strategy than you are portraying. It is no longer the strategy to lead with DB2 wherever possible, it is now the strategy to find which of IBM's database offerings best matches the customer's requirements.

UKIUG 2008 -- The content!

I was not able to take copious notes at the UKIUG, but I did scribble some things down. PLEASE NOTE: everything in this post is down to my memory, so please don't bet the farm on any of it. Also, please note that any mention of future features is subject to delay or omission, and all the rest of it!

Jerry Keesee's Market Update

Jerry gave a very positive market update. I was already aware of most of it, but even I came away impressed. Informix is doing very well, we had lost some market share, but since Ambuj's decision to "love all his children" kicked in, business has been brisk. We have had continous double-digit year on year growth every quarter for the last 11 quarters and that growth has been a lot higher than 10%!

UKIUG 2008 -- The photos!

Well, that was a really fantastic event! First off, congratulations to the hardworking team of Kathryn Sylvester and Sandra Rye of Bell Micro, who selflessly sacrificed themselves to the hospitality of dozens of venues before deciding on the Tythe Barn outside Bicester, which was an excellent choice.

The excellent and selfless organisers, Kathryn and Sandra

UKIUG is nearly upon us!

There is still time to register. I'm looking forward to a good turnout tomorrow, registrations are very good!

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