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Partnering for Growth - IBM and You

Subsequent to this this years IIUG Conference there will a an IBM Informix Genero Bootcamp in San Diego.

Here are the detail of this event:

IBM Informix Genero Bootcamp

Join us at the IBM La Jolla facility in San Diego, CA for an Informix Genero Bootcamp with IBM and Four Js experts. This is a no cost, concentrated workshop that enables you with skills to modernize your legacy 4GL applications and develop new applications for virtually any platform.

You will learn how to identify new market opportunities and enhance character-based applications into an exciting and engaging visual interfaces!

Session Highlights:

  • Full day bootcamp covering end-to-end modernization capabilities of Informix Genero
  • See how you can transform character-based 4GL to any GUI device (web, desktop, mobile)
  • Learn how to identify and develop opportunities, and size deployments that will get commitment!
  • Learn how to develop advanced reports using the Genero Report Writer
  • Learn how to configure Studio, design models (Flow, Database, Forms, Dataset, and so on) and use the code generator to implement your Model driven development process
  • Learn how to best prepare for the Informix Genero Developer Certification Exam

Five great reasons to attend:

  1. Hands-on lab exercises for the best learning experience
  2. Enable your business for Informix Genero
  3. Identify opportunities, drive PoCs, and size potential deployments
  4. Valuable networking opportunities with IBM, Four Js and other solution providers

More information and registration details can be found here:

Partnering for Growth - IBM and You

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