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Ovum White Paper on IWA now publicly available

Good news: The white paper from Ovum about the Informix Warehouse Accelerator is now available for download:

Informix Accelerates Analytic Integration into OLTP Reference

The white paper focuses mainly on IWA but also mentions Informix MACH11 and Flexible Grid technology which both don't require expensive hardware components.

An excerpt from the Ovum white paper:

The softwareonly design of IWA is also well suited to flexible cloud deployment, 
particularly when combined with Informix technologies such as High Availability 
Data Replication (HDR), Enterprise Replication (ER), MACH11 (multinode
active clusters for high availability), and Flexible Grid.

It is difficult to build Oracle RAC or a DB2 pureScale architecture in, for example, 
an Amazon Cloud since they require expensive hardware components such as InfiniBand 

Just wondering why IBM still doesn't get it and promotes Informix as THE IBM Cloud database:

MACH11, Flexible Grid, IWA, TimeSeries...

All that excellent Informix technology runs smoothly in the Cloud but IBM isn't able or willing to market it seriously. While treating Informix as Cinderella since the acquisition, IBM constantly pushes DB2. But the results are deflating.

Is there nobody in IBMs Software Group upper management that has the courage and the vision to position and market Informix seriously ?

It is a shame isn't it ?

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