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IDS Survey by oninit and openpsl

IDS at its best

The UK based companies oninit and openpsl recently published the results of an Informix Uptime Survey. There were about 241 companies attending the survey.

The Survey Objectives

Demonstrating that IDS is a strategic data server that provides:

  • Scalability - superior OLTP performance
  • Reliability - minimal downtime
  • Administrability - Hands free administration

The Survey Results

The results of the survey are impressive. They confirm the superior scalability and legendary reliability of IBM's secret weapon. But even more impressive are the extremly low administration costs for managing IDS. There is no other data server around that outperforms IDS in terms of Scalability, Reliability and Administrability.

Comments from Customers

Here are some comments of customers who participated in the survey regarding IDS:

  • Can't remember ever having an IDS related outage
  • The databaseserver has never been down except for server OS upgrades
  • Can't remember the last outage...over 5 years ago
  • The databaseserver has never been down except for server OS upgrades
  • IDS has proven to be a superb product
  • Easy to work with - runs like a champ
  • Extremly reliable system
  • IDS is 'set it and forget it'
  • I've clients who have over 500 days of uptime
  • Great database. Best one we have and we have Oracle and DB2
  • IDS rocks for heavy OLTP performance compared to SQL Server and DB2

These are real statements from real customers, not promises written down on powerpoint slides, not claims from advertising campaigns or a sponsored study about the TCO of a database systems. It is real life !!

Most of those customers already made their experiences with the claims and promises of Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server. Real Life disproves false promises and the customers appreciate once again the unique capabilities of IDS which is the only database that delivers a real business advantage.

The Complete Survey

Please read the complete results of the survey and the impressive real life statements from customers about the oustanding Scalability, Reliability and Administrability of IDS:

Informix Uptime Survey

A special thanks goes to John Baker of oninit who allowed me to publish the survey result on The Informix Zone.

Update 2008-10-22

A recent survey from VendorRate confirmed that INFORMIX has the highest customer satisfaction:

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