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Informix - IBM's Flagship Data Server for Linux

IBM has updated the IDS System Requirements Webpage which now covers the latst IDS fixpa(c)k IDS 11.50.xC6.

As you probably know, IDS offers a superior high availability and scale out technology called MACH11 that is available on all platforms that IDS runs on. For that reason I consider IDS as IBM's flagship offering for Linux powered systems. Good news for all Linux fans:

IBM has expanded it's Linux support for IDS and it is good to see that now important free Linux distributions are supported beside the commercial ones. Here is an excerpt:

  • Asianux
  • Debian 5.0
  • *Fedora 11
  • *openSUSE 11.1
  • RHEL 5
  • SUSE SLES 11
  • Ubuntu 8.04 LTS

(those marked with a * are only supported by the freely available IDS Developer Edition)

Many thanks to Andreas Breitfeld from the IBM Informix Development Team in Munich for providing this valuable information about the renewed Linux platform support !

In this context please read also Guy Bowerman's blog post which announces the immediate availability of the IDS 11.50.xC6 powered virtual appliance. The virtual appliance runs on Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10.

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