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IBM buying SUN Microsystems ?

Just saw this:

IBM 'in talks' to buy Sun Microsystems

I'm not sure if I like that idea. If it really happens, it will be interesting to see, how IBM positions MySQL beside IDS and DB2. MySQL is very popular among application developers especially in web based environments. IDS and DB2 are popular enterprise databases. So MySQL and IDS/DB2 do compete but not as much as IDS/DB2 and Oracle do. IBM would be able to serve the open source market with MySQL and the commercial market with IDS and DB2. However I believe that the borders between those markets are becoming more and more blurred. MySQL is already making it's way into the enterprise and customers might like the idea to get support from the same vendor for their MySQL as well as IDS/DB2 installations.

However considering the fact that IBM already owns IDS and DB2, they might have no interest in further developing MySQL. But you never can be sure what IBM will be doing or will not be doing. Personally I believe, that for MySQL it would be better, if HP or EMC would purchase SUN. The same has probably been true for Informix 8 years ago (:- Those companies don't own a major database system (I don't think that HP Netezza has a significant market share), but they do know the art of product marketing and ADVERTISING. Something that IBM stolidly ignores !

MySQL is only a minor point in this deal. Let's see what happens.

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