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New IBM Redbook about IDS Technology

IDS V10 - Extended Functionality for Modern Business

IBM just published a brilliant, new Redbook about IDS Version 10:

IDS V10 - Extended Functionality for Modern Business

Download the Redbook and read it to gain an understandig about the outstanding technology of IBM's secret weapon in the highly competitive database market. It is has been written by well known INFORMIX experts.

The Redbook is currently a draft, the final version is planned for the end of the year.
It offers an excellent overview about the technology of IBM's strategic data server. From the table of contents:

  • Chapter 1. IDS Essentials
  • Chapter 2. Fast implementation
  • Chapter 3. The SQL Language
  • Chapter 4. Extending IDS for business advantages
  • Chapter 5. Functional Extensions to IDS
  • Chapter 6. Development tools and interfaces
  • Chapter 7. Data Encryption
  • Chapter 8. Authentication approaches
  • Chapter 9. Legendary Backup and Restore
  • Chapter 10. Really Easy Administration
  • Chapter 11. IDS Delivers Services (SOA)
  • Appendix A. IDS Web service consumer code examples

An excerpt from the preface:

In this redbook we provide an overview of the Informix® Dynamic Server (IDS),
Version 10. IDS is designed to help businesses better leverage their existing
information assets as they move into an on demand business environment. It
provides the reliability, flexibility and ease of maintenance that can enable you to
adapt to new customer requirements. IDS is well known for its blazing online
transaction processing (OLTP) performance, legendary reliability, and nearly
hands-free administration - for businesses of all sizes. It does all this while
simplifying and automating enterprise database deployment.

This new Redbook documents the ongoing progress of Informix@IBM.

I'm confident that 2007 will be a great year for INFORMIX - it will be the year of the comeback of our cult database.

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