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DBTA Magazine: Inside Informix V11.5

DBTA Magazine: Inside Informix V11.5

A new article about IBM's smart and powerful OLTP cluster engine has been published in the Database Trends and Applications magazine:


IDS 11.5 - the newest version of Informix Dynamic Server - was officially announced 
by IBM at the International Informix User Conference in Kansas City in April 2008. 
The announcement created a tremendous interest from customers, analysts and the press.

IDS 11.5 - code-named "Cheetah 2" - is the successor of version 11.1 - code-named 
"Cheetah" - which had been released in June 2007. IDS 11.1 provided a whole bunch 
of new functionality. Based on this foundation, IBM offers with IDS 11.5 a data 
server, that delivers mainframe availability capabilities on the distributed 
platform. The term "distributed" needs a little more explanation in this context. 
It doesn't only mean LUW (Linux, Unix, Windows). IDS 11.5 has been ported to a 
platform that gains more and more popularity: MAC OS X 10.5, a.k.a., "Leopard." 
A professional data server available for a fast growing platform that is 
surrounded by innovative developers - a probably powerful combination.

You can read the complete article online here:

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