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MACH 11 - Setup a SDS Node in 5 Minutes

MACH 11 - Setup a SDS Node in 5 Minutes

If you didn't had the time to play with the SDS (Shared Disk Secondary) functionality which is part of the MACH 11 technology introduced in IDS 11, here is a short summary how to setup a SDS node on the same machine. It will take you only about 5 minutes to get the SDS node up and running.

I assume that you already have an IDS 11 instance running on your machine. If not, download the cost-free IDS Developer Edition:

Instructions for installing and setting up your own IDS Instance can be found here:

In the following example the primary IDS instance is called penguin and the SDS instance will be called penguin_sds1. The example is based on a Suse Linux system.

So let's start configuring an SDS instance on the same machine as the primary instance:

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