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IBM Certified System Administrator - IDS V11

IBM Certified System Administrator - IDS V11

Yes, I did it !!

To set a good example The Informix Zone took the official IBM Informix Certification Test:

Test 918: System Administration for IBM Informix Dynamic Server V11

This morning I went to Cologne - the city that is well known for it's famous carnival as well as the historic cathedral - and attended the IDS V11 Certification Test at an authorized Prometric test center.

It took me about 1.5 hours and some drops of sweat to pass -:) The test is real challenge because the passing score is 70% compared to 59% (DB2 9 DBA LUW) and 55% (DB2 V9 Upgrade) for comparable DB2 certification tests. It seems to me that Informix DBA's have another claim than DB2 DBA's -:)

In preparation for the test I walked thru the eight new certificaton tutorials:

System Administration Certification exam 918 for IBM IDS 11 prep series

Those tutorials build - beside a solid practical experience - the foundation for passing the test. However I would recommend the following additional resources that helped me too:

Download the free IDS Developer Edition and make yourself familiar with the many new IDS V11 features.

This is a good time for Informix certification. Continuous license growth approves that Informix is alive and well doing. Expect a bunch of new projects and opportunities in 2008 and prepare yourself for those challenges with an official certification that approves your solid Informix experience.

Get certified on IDS V11!!

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