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Larry powered by Informix ?

Larry powered by Informix ?

DIMENSION-POLYANT is one of the most renowned manufacturers of ultra-modern sailscloth. Sailscloth that probably also powers Larry's BMW/Oracle racing team -:) Good to know that this company relies on Informix Dynamic Server, IBM's flagship data server for high-end OLTP computing to produce and deliver their extremely successful product.

The enclosed success story describes the modernization of a complex application at DIMENSION-POLYANT from Informix 4GL to Java with the help of enJin technology. Beside the application the database has also been migrated from Informix Standard Engine V5 on SCO Unix to Informix Dynamic Server V10 powered by Linux.

By invitation from IBM enJin was able to present their success story at the IOD 2007 conference in Las Vegas last month:

enJin/Informix Success Story

Informix on Linux - an extremely reliable and powerful combination. The next step will be the upgrade to IDS V11 (Codename: Cheetah). This opens the door for even more transaction processing power due to non-blocking checkpoints and MACH 11 cluster technology.

If you have more questions regarding this success story or the enJin technology, please contact Mr. Georg Schneider (Email: georg.schneider at, Phone: +49 2832 97280990).

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