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Report from IBM IOD 2007, Las Vegas

Report from IBM IOD 2007, Las Vegas

I'm back in Germany from my trip to the US. After two weeks of vacation, I spend the 3rd week in Las Vegas at the IBM Information on Demand Conference.

This was my first time attending an IBM conference and I was pleasant surprised about all the technical information that has been provided in countless technical sessions and thru face to face meetings with the experts.

The conference made clear that one thing is absolutely undoubtful:

INFORMIX has evolved to a fundamental piece inside the IBM software portfolio and receives more and more attention inside and outside of IBM.

You might have already seen those great announcements in Guy Bowerman's blog:

I will cover those announcements more deeply in a separate blog entry.

Another important step forward is the DRDA support available with IDS 11. I had the pleasure to attend Guy Bowerman's session about Informix Application Development and he clearly showed the value of the Informix DRDA enablement. IDS is now able to communicate with many IBM products and IBM ensures that developers has the most performant interfaces available to communicate with IDS. It doesn't matter whether those developers work with Java (JDBC), C, .Net or scripting languages like Perl, PHP or Ruby. Application Development with IDS will be easier than ever !! I will cover this in a separate blog entry.

The business continuity features of IDS 11 have been another emphasis at the IOD conference. I had the pleasure to attend the sessions of Madision Pruet (Replication Architect) and Fred Ho (IDS Product Manager). They clearly demonstrated the business value of IDS MACH 11: Unmatched ease of use compared with superior flexibility and outstandig reliability. MACH 11 pushes IDS far ahead of the competition inside and outside IBM -:) The IBM message is clear: If you want to play with XML or doing data warehousing take DB2, but if you need a highly available, reliable cluster database that delivers outstanding performance and extremly low administration costs take IDS !!

BTW, the visitors of the IOD conference seem to share this opinion:

Alexander Koerner from IBM Germany won the Demo till you drop competition at IOD with his outstanding demonstration of a MACH 11 cluster running on two 512 MB USB sticks containing a complete Linux and IDS cluster environment with failover capability. This clearly demonstrates why IBM favors IDS as database of choice for integrated (embedded) environments. Well done Alexander !!

The conference event allowed me to talk face to face with the IDS architects and senior staff members. I attended presentations of John Miller, Simon David (better known as Cosmo) and Kevin Brown and spoke directly with them about the future of IDS. The photo below shows Kevin Brown (IDS Lead Architect), me and Scott Lashley (IDS Kernel/Performance Architect).

Another pleasure was to meet the IIUG board members and the IIUG president Stuart Litel face to face. During an evening dinner we talked a lot about the past, present and future of IDS. Those people are real Informix fans and they invest a lot of work to increase it's awareness. The INFORMIX community should give the IIUG as much support as possible. They deserve it !!

Last but not least I had the opportunity to speak with the IBM Informix Marketing managers and I'm really confident that we will see more and greater Informix events and programs in 2008. All those people are very committed to Informix and they spend a lot of energy to increase the awareness of our favorite data server inside and outside of IBM.

I hope this short summary motivates you to attend Informix events in the future. The next big event happens in only a few months:

Looking forward to meet you there. Eric.

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