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IBM's Secret Weapon

IBM discovers the power of IDS

After the displacement of DB2 advocate Janet Perna as the head of IBM's Information Management Division, the new management discovers the power and outstanding technology of Informix. IDS evolves more and more as IBM's secret weapon in the highly competitive database market.

There are currently quite a lot of exiting activities happening around Informix and even more to come. Let's analyze the recent press releases and statements from IBM executives:

Reading between the lines

Listen to Arvind Krishna, Vice President IBM data servers (Source: IBM Previews Cheetah Data Server)

"IDS is ideal for customers who either don't need or can't have large numbers of DBAs"

Which company is not driven by costs today ?

IDS is ideal for every company who wants to significantly lower their administration costs without compromises regarding system availability, reliability and performance.

I quote Arvind Krishna again (Source: IBM to unleash Cheetah)

"One unnamed customer runs 4,000 physical locations and more than 10,000 instances of the current IDS release with just eight DBAs. If you can show me an Oracle installation [doing that], I'll buy you the bottle of wine of your choice"

I bet that he saves the bottle of wine, even if he extends his offer:

"...If you can show me an Oracle or DB2 installation [doing that], I'll buy you the bottle of wine of your choice"

If 10,000 IDS instances can be run by only eight DBAs, then IDS is the optimal solution for those mass deployments. But the conclusion is that IDS is also the best solution for single deployments, especially in OLTP environments, because it delivers a superior out of the box performance combined with extremly low administration costs.


IDS is the most efficient data server available today. It has been designed from the ground up for autonomic computing. If you really care about administration costs, IDS is the perfect solution that delivers a real business advantage.

Learn more about the status of IDS inside IBM's Information Management Division in the IDS@IBM - The Positioning of a Cult Database article.

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