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Summary for Webcast "Executive Roundtable"

The Informix Executive Roundtable webcast has been held today. It was an interesting event which really documented the increasing influence and visibility of Informix@IBM. For those of us who were not able to attend the webcast, here is the presentation and a summary of the exiting news and facts discussed.

Webcast Powerpoint Slides

Here are the key points that Jerry, Bruce and Stuart wanted us to take away:

However each of the three Executives gave us a lot more exiting news and valuable information about our favorite data server, so please read on:

Jerry Keesee, Director of the Informix Lab

The focus of Jerry's presentation was Cheetah. Cheetah is the codename of the next version of IDS. It is is planned to be released in the middle of 2007. I will soon add a Cheetah Zone to this website to keep you informed about this breathtaking upcoming new IDS release.

  • IDS sales is very strong. Impressive double digit growth rate in new license
    business in the first three quarters of 2006
  • IDS is the top selling product in the SMB (Small Medium Business) category
    throughout the complete portfolio of the IBM Softwaregroup.
    (My note: This means that IDS sells better than DB2, Websphere, Lotus,
    Tivoli or Rational in the SMB marketplace - impressive !!
  • Extremely positive feedback from customers who already migrated to IDS 10.
    Version 10 is definitely the best IDS release in terms of stability, scalability
    and ease of use
  • Ambuj Goyjal (General Manager of IBM Information Management) significantly enhanced
    the investments in IDS
  • Cheetah will deliver some exiting new functionality like optimistic
    concurrency, new Admin-Tool and Admin-API, enhanced Stored Procedure Language,
    Location based Services, Label based Access Control (LBAC), but will also further
    strengthen the traditional IDS sweet spots
  • There has been a lot of interest from business partners in Cheetah at the
    IBM Information on Demand conference last week
  • Application development for IDS will be a major focus and some interesting offers
    in this area will come

Please read the Tell more more about Cheetah... article to get more detailed information about it.

Bruce Weed, Program Director Data Servers

Bruce gave us an update regarding the progress of IDS at IBM and pointed out
some highlights:

  • Due to the increased importance of IDS for IBM the whole brand has been
    renamed from DB2 Information Management to
    Information Management
  • IDS is a strategic data server for IBM. DB2 ist another one, both
    products are on par and targeted for their sweet spots
  • IDS has a significant low administration overhead, blazing-fast OLTP Performance
    and extremly high Reliability. Those are the reasons why so many important customers
    rely on IDS for their critical business systems
  • IDS has been the backend database for the World Soccer Cup 2006 and also
    builds the foundation for the German "Bundesliga" Soccer Database
  • Early press releases about Cheetah> are already out, other will follow
    over the next months
  • 4 out of the 5 awards at the IBM Information on Demand conference last week
    have been won by Informix business partners

Stuart Litel, President of the IIUG

Stuart talked about the success of the IOD conference and some interesting things:

  • There has been a lot of buzz around IDS at the IOD conference. It was
    a great success.
  • Ambuj Goyal (General Manager IBM Information Management) and Arvid Krishna
    (VP Data Servers IBM) will be presenters at the Washington Informix User Group
    meeting in December. This is an important sign and demonstrates the increasing
    that IDS gains in the IBM Information Management Division.
  • A free IDS 10 version without time bomb for non-commercial use
    can be downloaded from the IIUG member zone.
    Please read this article IDS 10 - Free Download from the IIUG

Question and Answer Session

After the three presentations, a question and answer session started. There came quite a few interesting questions up. Can't remember the exact wordings, but roughly:

Will IDS and DB2 be merged into one product ?

Both data servers will be developed separately. Important Informix customers and business partners spoke up to IBM and made clear, that IDS is their favorite technology, not DB2.
Ambuj Goyal "loves all his children" and each data server will be targeted for its respective sweet spot(s).

Will the DB2 Magazine be renamed ?

There are currently discussions ongoing with the publisher of the DB2 Magazine. However there is no final decision yet.

Is there a feature list for Cheetah available ?

The closed beta for Cheetah has just started. More features regarding Cheetah will be announced in the next weeks. An open beta is planned for the beginning of the next year, so everybody is able to download and test this release.

Is IDS the better OLTP data server or DB2 ?

Install it and try it yourself.
No need to comment this answer, everything said -:)

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