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IDS 10 - Free Download from the IIUG

IBM/IIUG offer

You might already heard about it. The IIUG (International Informix User Group) does now offer the download of an IDS 10 version without time bomb. It is for non-commercial use only and has a hard limit of five concurrent user sessions.

Platform Support

The free version is based on the latest IDS release 10.00.[UF]C5 and it is available for the following platforms:

    • 64-Bit
      • AIX
      • HP
      • SOLARIS
    • 32-Bit
      • LINUX
      • WINDOWS

IIUG Membership

There is no registration necessary, however you need to be an IIUG member in order to download the software. Membership in the IIUG is free of charge, so become a part of the worldwide Informix user community:

Join the IIUG here

After login as an IIUG member, you will find the free IDS 10 download under the Software Downloads button and in the next screen click the IDS-10 button.
If you are already an IIUG member, you must have updated your IIUG profile after 2006-07-01 in order to download the software. Updating your profile could be done by clicking the Profile button in the first screen after the login.
A redesign of the IIUG website would be desirable -:)

Test Installation

I downloaded the free IDS version (the tar-file is approx. 136 MB) and installed it on my SUSE powered notebook. After installation the software takes approx. 214 MB of diskspace which is a really small footprint compared with DB2 or Oracle -:)

Couldn't find any feature restrictions until yet. The important Informix features like ER, HDR, HPL and Fragmentation seem to be all included.

After having already five user connections opened to my test IDS instance, the next attempt to connect threw error 25571:

-25571 Cannot create a user thread.

The message log (onstat -m) contained this message:

22:35:37 You already have 5 connections at this time. Any further attempts will be rejected by IDS DEMO Server.

Useful Resources

Don't hesitate to download the free IDS version and get familiar with the outstanding Informix technology. The following IBM developerWorks article is a good start if you work on the Linux platform:

IDS and Linux -- Up and running

You should also bookmark the IDS 10 online documentation:

IDS 10 Information Center

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