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Performance Tuning Tips for IDS

Performance Tuning Tips for IDS

Bobby Sukumar - IDS Performance Tuning Tips

An interesting and valuable new white paper containing IDS Performance Tuning Tips has been published. The author Bobby Sukumar talks about several aspects of the IDS engine and gives general guidelines how to improve the performance of your IDS engine. At the end of the white paper there are some interesting real life examples with a problem description, the diagnosis and the resolution.

Table of Contents

  • General guidelines for tuning new systems
  • Understanding and tuning update statistics
  • Understanding the SET EXPLAIN output
  • Join methods explained
  • SELECT statement explained
  • Fragmentation considerations
  • Tuning the B-Tree Scanner
  • Concurrency and Performance
  • Real cases from ATLAS/RETAIN systems
  • References

More information about IDS Performance Tuning can be found at the following places:

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