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Cheetah Open Beta: Next Drop available

Cheetah Open Beta: Next Drop available

Update 2007-03-21 - Upcoming Cheetah Trainings

IBM will provide free web based trainings covering dedicated Cheetah topics:

The following information reached The Informix Zone directly from IBM:

The next drop of the Cheetah open beta test run code is here! Download the latest copy at:

The AIX 64-bit platform build is now available, along with the following new features:

  • Web Feature Service for Spatial Data - Delivers spatial information as a web service for your Service Oriented Architecture
  • Label Based Access Control (LBAC) - Provides precise access to rows and columns of data using security labels
  • Continuous Availability with multiple HDR remote secondary servers is now available

The new IDS Admin tool is also available for download.

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