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Cheetah - First Technical Papers available

Cheetah - First Technical Papers available

In case you haven't already seen it, there are some new technical papers about Cheetah available on the IBM website. They are currently a little bit hidden at the end of the download area for the Cheetah open beta software.

Those technical papers cover - beside the Cheetah feature overview - the following areas in detail:

  • RTO_SERVER_RESTART and Non-Blocking Checkpoints by Scott Lashley
  • Integrated Solutions and SQL Enhancements by Keshava Murty
  • Deployment Wizard by Abhishek Mathur

Cheetah Open Beta Download Area...

You have to sign in with your IBM ID and then you can find the white papers at the end of download page.

Take a look at those interesting papers and learn more about Cheetah.

Another source of information about IDS and especially Cheetah is a new international IBM blog which is maintained by a worldwide team of Development and Technical Support engineers:

The IDS Experts Blog...

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