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Chat with the Labs - Summary

Cheetah Administration Enhancements

Below you fill find the presentation and a short summary about the latest Chat with the Labs talk held by Jerry Keesee (Director of the IBM Informix Lab) and John Miller (IBM Senior Technical Staff Member). The webcast covered the exciting new features of Cheetah in the area of administration and usability.

Improving IDS Administration Zone

Introduction by Jerry Keese

Jerry gave us a short introduction to this webcast. He mentioned the great press coverage of Cheetah. This is the first Open Beta in the history of Informix Dynamic Server. The Cheetah Open Beta Software has already been downloaded several thousand times during the last two weeks.

In about two weeks there will be another Cheetah webcast which talks about integrated data solutions using IDS Cheetah. It will cover the business value of IDS Cheetah.

Main Talk by John Miller

The main talk has been held by John. An audio replay should be available soon at the following URL:

IBM Informix: Chat with the Labs

A detailed description of the administration enhancements can be found in the Acrobat document above.

Here is just a short summary of items:

  • New syasadmin database introduced
  • New sysmaster tables introduced
  • Comfortable remote administration possible thru new UDR's:
    • UDR task()
    • UDR admin()
  • Table sysadmin:command_history audits command execution
  • Checkpoints are no longer blocking
  • Detailed, historical Information about Checkpoints available:
    • onstat -g ckp
    • sysadmin:command_history
  • Detailed, historical SQL statement analysis/drilldown possible
    • SQL History accessible thru onstat -g his and sysmaster:syssqltrace
    • Statement Execution Time
    • Lock Wait Time
    • Log space Used
    • Disk/Memory Sorts
    • Rows per Sec
    • ...and many more...
  • Brand new Database Scheduler introduced:
    • Task
    • Sensor
    • Startup Task
    • Startup Sensor
  • New Administration Utility called IDSAdmin introduced
    • Written in PHP
    • Uses the new administration UDR's
    • Single Installation can monitor all remote database servers
    • Customizable and Extensible
    • RSS Feeds provide quick access to information
    • Alert and Help Center included
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