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First worldwide Cheetah Workshop

First worldwide Cheetah Workshop - A tremendous success

Below you will find a summary of the Cheetah Open beta workshop that has been held by IBM yesterday. A special thanks goes to Alexander Koerner of the IBM Informix team for providing this information.

First (worldwide) Cheetah Open Beta workshop delivered in Munich, Germany.

Very nicely aligned with the IBM announcement of the worldwide availability of the first open beta release of IDS Cheetah, the IBM Informix team in Germany delivered its first IDS Cheetah workshop yesterday (February 15th) in Munich (Germany).

The workshop was a great success: about 40 attendees were able to obtain the latest information on the IDS Cheetah functionality and got the chance the play with the actual open beta product on pe-configured laptops.

The workshop agenda covered all aspects of IDS Cheetah including the new administrative capabilities and many of the key performance and high availability features. The reaction of the attendees had been very positive and they made statements like:

  • 'great workshop'
  • 'the workshop content had the right level'
  • 'when can we buy IDS Cheetah licenses'

The workshop team even provided CDs to the attendees which contained either a Linux 32-bit or a Windows version of the IDS Cheetah open beta plus helpful IDS related documents (Redbooks, white papers, case studies etc.) to take home. The team run out of those CDs in a few minutes...

Due to the tremendous success of that first workshop, IBM is planning to offer additional workshops in different locations across Germany in Q2 2007.

Update - 2007-02-23 - Cheetah-Workshop in HH

Date und Location for the 2nd Cheetah-Workshop are committed:

IDS Cheetah on Safari in Hamburg

Workshop Impressions (click to see larger images)

The Participants I

The Participants II

Object of Ambition - The Cheetah CD

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