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New IBM Redbook: Solving Business Problems with Informix TimeSeries

IBM has published a new Redbook titled Solving Business Problems with Informix TimeSeries.

The Redbook describes the benefits of the Informix Timeseries technology

From the table of contents:

  • Chapter 1. Overview of IBM Informix
  • Chapter 2. A use case for the Informix TimeSeries feature
  • Chapter 3. Defining your TimeSeries environment
  • Chapter 4. Implementing Informix TimeSeries
  • Chapter 5. Querying TimeSeries data
  • Chapter 6. Managing the ecosystem
  • Appendix A. Reference material
  • Appendix B. Enterprise historian database example
  • Appendix C. Distribution grid monitoring enabler

The IBM Redbook is also available in the popular EPUB Format for consuming it on an eBook-Reader.

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