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New Features in Informix 11.70.xC3

If you haven't had the opportunity to join the latest Informix Chat with the Lab with Informix Architect John Miller, here is a link to the presentation slides:

Unravel theMysteries of Informix's New Offerings & Features

There are a couple of interesting new features in the latest Informix 11.70.xC3 release especially in the TimeSeries environment. Beside those I really like these ones:

  • Informix Warehouse Accelerator: Smart Mart Tool which is able to reduce the effort for designing a datamart dramatically
  • Partical Column Index: Ability to define an index on only the first bytes of a string
  • dbaccess delivered with ClientSDK: This was long long overdue...
  • Session/User Limit on Locks: This is excellent news, actually I've been fighting for this one for years :-)

There are many more improvements. For example IBM will provide a time limited Informix Ultimate Warehouse Edition for testing purposes which hopefully helps to position this great product at new customer sites.

Well done, IBM !

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