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Join the Revolution !

Join the Revolution !

The Informix Zone is meant to be a community website. Beside viewing information and stories, you can also submit your own stories in form of a personal blog.

I invite you to be an active part of the Informix Zone Community. If you have to say something (positive) about Informix technology, don't hesitate, register yourself and take part in the Informix Zone Community.

Like most of us my time is limited and I will probably not be able to produce enough content by myself. Together we might be able to spread the word about our favorite data server and move Informix forward.

You are just two steps apart from becoming an active member:

  • Register yourself at the Informix Zone.
    After a successful registration you will receive an email with a password. You need to change the password during your first login. As a registered user you will be able to post comments to stories as well as creating your own blog (see next step).
  • Creating your own blog is easy. After successful registration, just write me ( an email mentioning your username and I will upgrade your account to be a trusted user. After logging on as a trusted user a new menu appears on the right side in the upper right corner. The title of the menu is your usernmae and it contains the following items:
    • my blog
    • Here you will see a complete list of your submitted blog entries. After clicking on an an existing blog entry you can change it using the edit tab. This allows you to alter the text or to remove the blog entry.

    • create content
    • Allows you to create a new blog entry. Beside the Title and the Body you can also tag your blog entries in the Categories section. The tags are a comma-separated list of free terms describing the content. After previewing and submitting your blog entry it will automatically appear in Recent blog posts menu on the the right side as well as on the front page of The Informix Zone.

    • my account
    • Here you can change some specific account settings like a signature or a personal contact form thru the edit tab. The track tab gives you an overview about your posts.

    • log out
    • Log out from The Informix Zone.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me:

Thank you and play up now !!

This website is owned by myself, not IBM. Any opinions published here are my personal view regarding Informix , which might not necessarily be the view of IBM.

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