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Interview with IBM's Bernie Spang on Informix Growth Strategies

Here is a short interview with Bernie Spang - IBM Director Strategy and Marketing Database Software & System - about growth strategies for Informix.

IBM Informix growth strategies – 3 Point growth plan

It is always nice to read IBMs plans and strategies. However when it comes to reality there is much room for improvement. It isn't enough to satisfy the existing (shrinking) customer base. We need new customers on Informix and we need a lot of them. At least in Germany I can't see that currently.

What is the dedicated IBM Informix sales team, that has been build as part of the 3-year Informix revitalization strategy, doing especially here in Europe to gain new customers/projects ?

It doesn't help me and others with our Informix consulting or distribution business if IBM gains new Informix customers in Asia Pacific. That is nice to hear but doesn't improve the situation here in Germany/Europe. What I would like to see is an increased focus on Europe where Informix has been very strong a decade ago.

My friends from the local German Informix User Group perform an excellent job motivating existing Informix customers and maintaining the community and the relationships. But they need new members and new members will only come from new Informix projects/customers. Hopefully IBM is able to present some real new European Informix customers and projects by the end of 2012.

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