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Innovator-C Edition trimmed

You might have already heard the bad news about Informix Innovator-C Edition. IBM has trimmed it down. Instead of 4 cores you can only use a single core. But the really bad news is that HDR/ER are no longer supported in Innovator-C (:-

You'll find more information on this bad news here:

As Gary and Andrew already said, the Informix Community is not amused. Companies that use Innovator-C will now probably have to invest additional (unplanned) money. IBM's decision doesn't increase the trust in Informix and it definitely hurts the trust in IBM as a credible, reliable business partner. Giving something away for free and than later trying to charge money for it by removing essential features might be a profitable business strategy but not a trustworthy one.

Just wondering which clever guy at IBM makes these decisions (:-

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