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Informix Timeseries Whitepaper and IBM Website Contents

There is a new whitepaper available that describes the benefits of IBM Informix Timeseries technology for collecting and analyzing massive amounts of timestamped data:

Build smart metering solutions with IBM Informix TimeSeries

Andrew Ford from the IIUG board of directors wrote an intersting article about the potential of the IBM Informix timeseries solution in the energy industry:

This Smart Meter stuff is for real

Another "official" article on talks about the benefits of IBM's offering:

IBM Offers Database Solution to Enable Smart Meter Data Capture

This all sounds good and there seems to be an enormous potential for Informix in the energy sector for the next couple of years. However if I would work in the energy industry and hear about this interesting Informix technology IBM is offering, the first thing I would do is start a Google search for ibm informix timeseries. The 1st position in the Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) is this IBM website:

IBM Informix Timeseries - Official Website

On an average the 1st position in the Google SERP's will get a about 42% of the clicks, the 2nd position 11.9% (factor 3.5 less) and the 3rd position 8.5% (factor 5 less). Those numbers are real. I've performed a lot of SEO research during the last months while establishing a new business beside my traditional Informix consulting services and made this experience myself regarding positions in the SERPs. The percentages might vary a little depending on the keywords that people search for and also depending on the number of paid results (Google Adsense) that might be displayed on the right side as well as above the "organic" (non-paid) search results (for "ibm informix timeseries" there seems to be currently no paid advertising). So back to topic this means that about the half of people searching for "ibm informix timeseries" will be taken to the IBM webpage mentioned above.

Now take a look at this webpage and ask yourself a few questions:

  • Does it look appealing to you ?
  • Do you think this looks like an important technology that is well backed up by IBM ?
  • Do you find useful and engaging information about the Informix timeseries technology there ?

Don't know how you feel about it but I believe that most people will answer those questions with a clear NO. Potential customers might go back to Google and start a new search like "timeseries database" or something similar and will probably find other solutions that might look more appealing to them. The point I want to make is that while we see progress in terms of Informix visibility in the (energy) market and Informix awareness inside IBM in certain areas, IBM still misses some fundamental marketing basics. Such webpages are an evidence of incapacity for a company like IBM.

Why doesn't IBM spend a few thousand dollars and engage a professional web company that is able to design an appealing website centered around IBM Informix timeseries technology ?

The past and current has demonstrated that IBM itself is not able to build a sophisticated website. I'll give you another example. Do you remember the "New face of Informix":

Discover the new face of Informix

Take a look at it and ask yourself how often this webpage has been updated during the 18 months since it has seen the light of the day ?

There is still the Vendor Rate report from 2009 on the main webpage. A report from a company that doesn't exist anymore. How much trust and confidence will such a report give to a potential new customer ?

I could only strongly advise IBM to engage a professional company to build a sophisticated Informix website for them - IBM, I'm happy to support you here:-) - or at least an appealing microsite covering IBM Informix timeseries technology that offers useful engaging information.

What we have seen for a couple of years now regarding IBM Informix websites looks amateurish and simply destroys potential business !

This may sound hard but it is the truth.

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