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Informix TimeSeries - The one and only database solution for extreme speed requirements

AMTSybex, a UK based energy service company, has published a Smart Meter benchmark based on IBM Informix Timeseries technology. The results are quiet impressive and demonstrate the predominance of the Informix technology regarding the handling of time stamped data:

It is a good to see that Informix makes waves with it's unique TimeSeries technology. However IBM's Informix TimeSeries website still sucks (:- It says everything that an IBM engineer posts the TimeSeries benchmark paper in a relative unnoticed IBM forum.

I really would like to see IBM spending a few thousand dollars and building a sophistated, regulary updated website around Informix TimeSeries technology. This website should educate people on Informix TimeSeries, provide customer success stories, whitepapers, benchmarks, videos and download opportunities for the technology.

IBM, ever heard the magic word CMS ?

If you don't want to eat your own dog food, there are couple of excellent Open Source Content Management Systems available like Drupal, Wordpress or Joomla. While on one side I'm delighted to see that IBM makes progress (at least in the time series niche), on the other side I'm disappointed that they still miss some fundamental marketing basics (a sophisticated website) and seem not to be willing to spend some dollars to fix this drawback (:-

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