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Informix Timeseries helps to reduce energy consumption

A new customer success story has been published by IBM. This is a good example about the innovative usage of Informix Timeseries technology in a specific industry.

The story demonstrates the advantages of the Informix Timeseries solution compared to the traditional relational approach for storing time-stamped data.


Energcon’s offering—which integrates an easy-to-use web application with 
an energy logging system from Rational Network and IBM® Informix®
database software—helps Coldset Printing Partners track energy 
consumption for each of its printing presses and view energy trends 
over time so staff can identify if any process or system is drawing 
more energy than necessary.

The logging system is placed on each transformer in the company’s 
printing facility and captures energy consumption for each press 
every 15 minutes. The data is then sent over existing power lines 
via GPRS modem and stored in an IBM Informix database. From there,
Bertels can log into Energcon’s web application to quickly view power
consumption for each printing press at any given point in time.

“I can look at power peaks, consumption per meter, and accumulated
consumption,” says Bertels. “Whatever I want to see I can see and 
I can choose my timeframe. It’s very user-friendly for a nontechnical
guy like me and it’s so easy to use that you don’t hesitate to just 
log in to look. It has become part of my daily routine to check our
power usage.”
Energcon currently uses the Rational Network logging system to 
monitor energy usage for dozens of companies across more than 
1,000 buildings, logging and storing data from more than 3,000 
meters throughout each day.

You can read the complete IBM Informix customer success story here:

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