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Informix taught at Budapest University

Special thanks to Sandor Szabo (IBM Munich) for delivering the following information to the Informix Zone:

Informix Training for University Students in Budapest


1-3 February 2011

Following last autumn’s three successfull DB2 workshops, it was time
to broaden the knowledge of those who were interested with some brand
new information, that were certainly not available at universities or
colleges. The first free IBM Informix Dynamic Server 11.50 Fundamentals
training was advertised especially for university/college students and
lecturers by the IBM Innovation Center between the 1-3rd of February
2011. The course was held by one of our most significiant Informix
partner, who has been developing on this database management program for
15 years. As this time the number of the applicants was double than the
capacity of the Innovation Center, so we are planning to reorganize the
event in April.

Lectures were hold every day in the IBM Innovation Center between 9:00 AM – 17:00 PM. The first day, Csaba Juhász
– IBM’s Technical expert responsible for Informix welcomed the
participants, while the Hungarian language education was hold by Peter Wolf representing Capsys.

The participating 20 students got to know Informix’s data management
program in the first phase, and after the theoretical education they had
the possibility to practice the basics of live data management in the
educational environment created in IIC. Beside this the lecturer
presented some live demos – this way allowing an insight look into the
mainframe environment.


Beside the professional education the students were able to
familiarize with IBM’s current trainee positions and to ask questions
related to the the trainee program from HR colleagues Dóra Szabó and János Ponczók. In the meantime Krisztina Antal
(our colleague responsible for university relations) brought their
attention to how to download free softwares within the Academic
Initiative Program, what is SSME (Service Science Management
Engineering) training, how was the 48 hours programming contest and how
to apply for the Great Minds traineeship launched by the IBM Research

The three days workshop was closed by a free, English language
official partner exam, completed by the students in an internationally
accepted exam system. Participants received T-shirts and DVDs as gifts
after the education.

In total we can declare that altough the Informix data management
solution was new to everyone, but based on the questions asked during
the course we can state that the participants were receptive to new
knowhow. We plan to organize a one week long advanced Informix summer
university course ....

20 participants from 6 different higher education institutions participated in the training: Budapest University of Technology and Economics (3 participants), Eötvös Lóránd University (1 participant), Dennis Gabor Applied University (7 participants), Kodolányi János College (1 participant), Pannon University (4 participants), Pázmány Péter Catholic University (4 participants).

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