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Informix Conference in Strasbourg

For Informix Fanatics and developers my friend Jean Georges Perrin invites you to Developer Forum 2012/Informix Tech Day as a joined event.

The workshop takes place in Strasbourg (France) on May, the 25 from 08:30h to 23:30h :-)

Registration thru Facebook: DeveloperForum / InformixTechDay 2012

Here is the invitation text from Jean Georges:

Come to our free (and independent) conference around Informix Technologies. 
This conference will take place in Strasbourg in the prestigious Centre 
for Digital Culture of the University of Strasbourg.

For this edition, IIUG President, Stuart Litel, will be with us.

We will combine this event with another event of the IT landscape, 
DeveloperForum. We expect more than 200 people.

We still have a few presentation slots open, feel free to suggest a paper.

All details:


Jean Georges Perrin
IIUG Board of Directors
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