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Informix Chat with the Lab - IBM Informix Genero

  • Date: Thursday, April the 21th
  • Time: 1.5 hour, 8:30 AM Pacific, 10:30 AM Central, 11:30 AM Eastern, 16:30 London, 17:30 Berlin/Paris
  • Title: IBM Informix Genero
  • Speaker: Shawn Moe - Technical Product Manager, Informix Application Development Tools and Technology (IBM)

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IBM Informix Genero is a new product that we are happy to be able to 
offer in partnership with Four Js. Informix Genero offers an exciting 
set of functionality for the modernization of Informix 4GL applications. 
In this Chat with the Labs session, we will discuss the business aspects 
of the new Informix Genero offering, including packaging, sales, and 
technical support. Informix Genero is offered in both development and 
runtime editions. 

We will discuss some of the new language constructs, platform support, 
and other functionality that Informix Genero offers to Informix 4GL 
developers. We'll discuss the Informix Genero architecture, some approaches 
for converting from Informix 4GL to Informix Genero, and some options for 
extending your applications with the new Informix Genero user interface 
functionality. We'll wrap it up with a discussion on Informix Genero web 
services and how they extend the new Informix 4GL web services support.      

Come and join us for this technical overview of the brand new IBM Informix
Genero product !

Presentation material will be available at
prior to the event.                                                                                      
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