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IBM - Database Winback Offering

IBM - Database Winback Offering

As an incentive to encourage qualified customers to move from non-IBM database servers to DB2 9
Universal Database or Informix Dynamic Server, IBM is offering special pricing on new licenses 
of IBM database servers to replace competitive licenses.

Who qualifies ?
All current customers of Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server or  Sybase Adaptive Server.

IBM Website:
IBM Database Winback Pricing

More details below...

Why should you migrate ?

Listen what experts have to say about Oracle security:

  • David Litchfield, NGS Software
    • "If security robustness and a high degree of assurance are concerns when looking to purchase database server software, given these results one should not be looking at Oracle as a serious contender."
    • "I don't think leaving their customers vulnerable for another three months (or perhaps even longer) until the next [critical patch update] is reasonable, especially when this bug is so easy to fix."
  • Arup Nanda, Director of Database Engineering, Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide Inc.
    • "Some of the vulnerabilities are so severe that one would expect a resolution in a matter of days ... Yet they took months, and only after exploits had been lingering around the Internet for a while."
  • Alexander Kornbrust, Red-Database-Security
    • "In this case, not only [did] Oracle release detailed information on the vulnerability, but they also included the working exploit code on the MetaLink site."
  • An Oracle DBA working in a large government agency
    • "The greatest challenge is to keep up with all the Oracle bugs and patch fixes. Even the current version of 10gR2 that we are on has a large number of bugs and issues. Keeping on top of these is a big challenge, considering that we have over 100 databases.”
  • Oracle refuses to learn its lesson, experts say

Why should you favor IBM Informix Dynamic Server ?

  • Because IDS contains many useful Oracle Compatiblity Features which simplify the migration
  • Because you want to reduce your costs with a real Administration Free Zone
  • Because you want legendary reliability for your critical business systems
  • Because you want to save hardware costs and achieve linear scalability with an outstanding multithreaded based architecture
  • Because you want the most flexible Extensibility Features available in the DBMS industry
  • Because you want to benefit from an unbelievable fast and powerful Replication Technology
  • Because you want a technically mature table fragmentation technology to handle your constantly increasing amounts of data
  • Because you want smooth and fast migrations between different IDS versions with the ability to fall back
  • Because you want impressive out of the box OLTP performance
  • Because you want Multiversion Read Consistency
  • And Cheetah will deliver even more reasons why Informix Dynamic Server is IBM's most advanced data server solution...

The IBM Migration Toolkit will support you in converting from Oracle to Informix Dynamic Server.

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