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The IDS Developer Edition Wiki

The IDS Developer Edition Wiki

The Informix Zone is happy to present the IDS Developer Edition Wiki.

The intent of the Wiki is to provide useful information around IBM's brand new INFORMIX offering. The Wiki covers areas like installing, configuring and developing with the free IDS Developer Edition. Hopefully more and more application developers discover the power, easiness and efficiency of the wonderful INFORMIX technology.

Creating or editing pages in the Wiki is not enabled for the public. If you are interested in contributing content to the Wiki, just drop me an email (eric at informix-zone dot com) and I will create an account for you. This is meant to be a community project, you are more than WELCOME !! Thank you for your support.

The Wiki is in the startup phase, so please be patient. New Wiki content will be announced at The Informix Zone blog. Here is the official URL of the Wiki:

The IDS Developer Edition Wiki is powered by the versatile DokuWiki software.

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